Valli Zabban become 3D. The Division Aetolia Acoustics, formed by the merger with Aetolia VZ, joins the Valli zabban 3D project.


Aetolia is a leader in the tire from the tire recycling industry out of use, specialized in the sector of sound insulation.

The Division Aetolia Acoustics is a fascinating new dimension in the big world of Valli Zabban, add its acoustic insulation know-how with innovative and revolutionary solutions.

In the range of Aetolia Division Acoustics are also products destined for markets other than the acoustic, even those built with recycled rubber such as

Rubberval (Protection of waterproofing)
Isolgran (Anti vibrant tramway)
Aeconfort (multi-purpose sports carpets and floors)
Novaflex Aesound (parquet and flooring substrates)

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