SINTEXCAL: 30 years paving the way for each of us


35.000.000 Km road paved with our asphalt

Sintexcal in 2016 celebrates 30 years of activity with numbers that tell the facts with the growth of Italian excellence. An achievement that makes us proud and aware of the leading role in the production and laying of asphalt.
Sintexcal has established itself in Italy as a synonym for quality road paving, for excellence, know -how, the unceasing investment in research and technological innovation  allowed us to develop products that are now made at the standard of the national  constructions scene.
There are countless areas throughout Italy  in which Sintexcal dayli operates, effectively taking care of the work, from production to construction.
The company’s size and widespread distribution throughout the country make us the ideal partner to address the most demanding challenges with the reliability and robustness needed because Sintexcal is synonymous with guarantee.
Armed with these factors and values that animate us , Sintexcal company raises, even after so many years , its presence on the Italian market.
Sintexcal : 30 years animated by values.

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