Impresa Tonon has been working for over 60 years in the field of general building construction.

Giovanni Tonon, nowadays President of the Company, launched in 1955, the first construction company, establishing the homonymous building construction Company . After only a few years he gave birth to some of the most prestigious residential buildings in Veneto and neighboring regions.

Far-sighted was the idea, in ’67, to engage in the field of ready-mixed concrete, founding General Beton Triveneta.

Since the ’70s the Company operates on the coasts of Triveneto region, thereby realizing many hotels, roads, marine works, housing and public facilities.

From ’76, after the earthquake in Friuli, the Company actively participates in the phase of reconstruction of the areas affected by the overturning phenomenon.

Over the decades, thanks to the implementation of many important works, both public and private, the Company Tonon has fine-tuned its administrative, technical and vocational education and increased critical collaboration with external consulting firms, overcoming national boundaries.

The current Company “Impresa Tonon Spa”, develops as a natural consequence of the merger in 1993 of the “Eurocostruzioni srl” (1982-1993) with the historic “Impresa Tonon Giovanni”, starting its activities in Veneto and adjacent areas, demonstrating the high regard, both social and economic, which is held on its territory, which at that time met a significant rush in the history of modern Italy.

Progressively, the affirmation of a leading role in the market, is through the recognition of its multi-functional skills, quality that allows the extension of the operating potential; this is done by creating a group of different complementary companies, all connected to the building construction field, which develop their activities at both national and international markets, being able to meet all construction requirements.

In the period 1989-1997, through its subsidiary Buildex Spa, the Company has realized many projects in Russia and Ukraine, in the civil, industrial, commercial and building-office fields, leaving an important sign of quality also in those far territories. The Group, in same years, started to operate in Romania, Poland, Tunisia, Libano and P.R. of China, through its trademark General Beton Triveneta.

Currently Tonon Group, headed by “Impresa Tonon”, first born, which today employs more than 1,000 employees and selling its products all over the world, consists of the following associated:

· Impresa Tonon S.p.A. fonded in 1955
· General Beton Triveneta S.p.A. fonded in 1967
· Sintexcal S.p.A. acquired in 1996
· Valli Zabban S.p.A. acquired in 2004
· Aetolia S.r.l. acquired in 2004
· Toscoveneta marmi e graniti S.p.A. participaded since 1955
· Nord Est Logistica S.r.l. participaded since 2010